January 24, 2003

Interesting tidbit for you fellow Bob Novak afficiandos:

Amazon.com: How did you get your nickname, "The Prince of Darkness"?

Novak: It's not as interesting a story as you might think. In the late '50s, I covered the Senate for The Wall Street Journal along with a reporter for The Washington Post, and aside from the wire service reporters, we were the only two who had to stay in the Senate until the last dog died. So we'd sit there and watch the Senate and have these long discussions. I was in my late 20s and I was very pessimistic about the state of the world. I thought it was going right down into depravity, and he started calling me the Prince of Darkness because I was so gloomy. Long before I had any particular prominence, people called me the Prince of Darkness because I had a kind of a grim visage. And then when I became a columnist and a TV commentator, the whole thing fit, and it sounded like I was given the name because I was so conservative.

Amazon.com: Do you mind that nickname?

Novak: Nah, I don't care.

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