January 05, 2003

Mark Shea makes the good point by asking:

Am I the only one who thinks it's rather suicidal...

for Christians in a rapidly de-Christianizing and increasing anti-Christian culture to urge Caesar to kill as many citizen as he can? It's not my main reason for thinking the Pope is basically right to want to limit (not "abolish") capital punishment. But I think it deserves consideration.

Our learned Dominican associate pastor thinks it's conceivable that we again be outright persecuted for our faith...in this country...in our lifetime. I don't need that reason to oppose the death penalty since, well, I'm slavishly devoted to our Pope and I'm ok with whatever he says. If he told us to say a Rosary three times every day while hopping on one leg, I'd start exercising and grab a 15-decader.

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