January 10, 2003

Mining for Gold in a Sea of Chaff *
Bruce Springsteen is out-of-date. His song, "Fifty-seven Channels But Nothin's On" should be "Two-hundred Channels But Nothin's On". But amid this tsunami of dross, this tornado of torpitude, I've found one show I like to watch - CBS's "The Guardian". And this season they have really cool theme song, Empire In My Mind by the Wallflowers.

One internet reviewer opined:
...But the song is another good one, with Jakob [the song writer] taking a long, hard look at himself, and finding good and bad, but sounding surprised by exactly how much bad there really is.

I cannot deny/There's a darkness that's inside/I am guilty by design/And now I realize that temptation's made me blind/To the empire in my mind.

I'm assuming that this empire represents all that he aspires to be, all that he's convinced himself he's already close to being. But upon closer inspection, he realizes where he thought there was order, there is chaos, and even crime, and his biggest fear is this: I'm afraid someday I'll find/There's no empire in my mind. No good at all inside him. And while this may not be autobiographical, it's certainly a theme we can all relate, including Jakob, obviously.

* - entrant for 2003 "Mixed Metaphor" in a Catlicker Blog Award (MMCBA)

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