January 22, 2003

my guardian dear
I was in charge of eucharistic adoration at my parish. One day I asked one of my fellow parishioners if she knew how to find out the name of one's guardian angel. She said to pray in adoration, and God would let me know my angel's name. I prayed each Saturday for several weeks.

One Saturday before benediction a man entered the chapel. He was at least six feet tall and had clear blue-green eyes and long, wavy blonde hair. He knelt down in front of the Blessed Sacrament with his long arms outstretched toward heaven and started to pray the most beautiful prayers to our Lord. Everyone at adoration always prayed in silence, and we were in awe of this stranger.

After benediction, everyone started to leave and, as I always did, I greeted our guests. I walked up to the blonde man, introduced myself, and gave him the schedule of our weekly visits with Jesus. When I was finished, he bent down to look into my eyes, and as he shook my hand he said, 'My name is Edward. Isn't it nice to finally meet your angel?' I stood watching him walk away down behind the side of the church. I turned away for a second, and when I looked back he was gone. I have not seen him again.

Jesus answers even the smallest of prayers.

-Lisa Ladrido, in This Rock

I liked this on several levels...one that the prayer was answered so extravagantly - instead of coming to knowledge of the name in an impersonal, subtle experience she met him and was shown by him how to adore Christ properly. I also liked the fact that she was unafraid of taking up God's time with something the worldly would consider minutiae if they believe it at all. I shy from these type of prayers because I have a utilitarian streak a mile long, and assume it would be a presumption to ask for something like that instead of something like 'spiritual growth' or 'the conversion of Bill Mahrer'. Like eating ice cream instead asparagus. And yet...love is....lovely. It's not master-slave, but father-son.

If sometimes I seem bumptious to my guardian angel, I remind him or her that at least they get to go to Mass more often than the average GA.

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