January 06, 2003

Oblique House led me to this bon mot from Catholic Light: Most blogs are self-indulgent, masturbatory junk, emanations from people who couldn't get published anywhere else.

And the point is? Most people are self-indulgent masturbators (uh, metaphorically-speaking of course) in their daily life; why should it be any more egregious written down rather than spoken or otherwise expressed? Especially given that reading a blog is optional, while in real life putting up with insufferable people (including ourselves) is often not.

The policy of this blog is, in the fine Jesuitical tradition, to come as close to the line of self-indulgent masturbation as possible without crossing over. Only you can judge if I am successful.

Walker Percy once said that Americans are newspaper readers and fornicators, and for many bloggers (not the Catlickers of course), the blog is the form of entertainment that combines their two loves - porn and news.
For me, one interesting part of the blogsperience is watching the "politics of linking", as well as dealing with the rejection of not being linked on blogs where your buddies are linked. That rejection is beneficial of course - no pain, no gain. As St. John of the Cross put it (I'm paraphrasing): "those who seek the praise of others are like the 5 foolish virgins who have no oil for their lamps and go in search of it".

Another fascinating part is watching the spiritual growth of others. The young are particularly fluid - Lord knows my stepson lurches from atheism to theism on a quarterly basis (prayers always thankfully received!). There's a 21-yr religion major whose blog I watch for similar reasons...

The Politics of Linking ....to tune of the "Politics of Dancing"
This is not as clear as one would imagine. There are many possible policies or combinations of policies:
1) Link to only those you read
2) Link to those who you wish you would read (i.e. I wish I would read "Daily Meds" more, but link to it as reparation for that)
3) Link to those who link you
4) Link to everyone (a daunting task in the Catlicker blog world)
5) Link to no one, giving only the "Praise & Glory" link
6) Link to the "big name bloggers" (i.e. Amy & Mark, et al)

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