May 12, 2003

NY Times Mea Culpa

If you're like me, then you're greatly relieved that the NY Times is still against making stuff up. Would love to see a page one story exposing their advocacy of socially liberal causes...(fade to dream sequence):


Correcting the Record                     May 12, 2003

We Deceived You

For the past two decades it has been the operating policy of this newspaper to advance causes such as gay marriage, abortion, cloning and other socially liberal goods. This is not simply an editorial page policy but extends to all sections of the paper (including the obituaries*). We apologize for slanting the news but the reader is better for it.

It has long been the aim of the New York Times to correctly spell the name of the assistant to the assistant to the Assistant of the Secretary of the Treasury. Our daily Corrections column has been a particularly effective way to show our obsession with accuracy at the expense of truth. We have, at least, been accurate in our bias.

* - Charles "Chuck" Boudvier, 73, Long Island, leaves a wife and three children. Mr. Boudvier was popular in right-wing circles for his vehement disapproval of Roe v Wade. He was particularly active in attempting to ban a procedure known as "partial-birth abortion" and authored tracts towards the goal of rolling back women's rights, specifically a woman's right to an abortion. Mr. Boudvier appeared unrepentant to the last.

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