May 22, 2003

Torturing Self So You Don't Have To

The parents of my stepson's near-fiancee gifted him with a Quest Study Bible for his birthday. And I succumbed today to reading what it has to say about some of "Catholic distinctives" in Scripture. I wondered if it was in the same league as the egregious Halley's anti-Catholic commentary. And it wasn't, not even close. It passed the whore of Babylon test.

Interestingly, it was reasonably fair on Matt 16:18, although 'binding' & 'loosing' is applied to what is already binded and loosed already in Scripture. But it gives Peter the possibility of being the rock. Authority isn't apparently as controversial as the sacraments, for you could really see bias on anything relating to the Eucharist. "Is it the real body and blood of Christ? No, Christians aren't cannibals," a sidebar explains, with Magisterium-like authority. Oy vey. (Cannibals eat their own - God is not us, via KTC).

Why in John 6 do disciples leave immediately after Jesus saying that you unless you eat my flesh you do not have life within you? Simply because they wanted him to fight the Romans. Nothing whatsoever to do with what was just said.

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