April 30, 2004

The Big Lie is Always the Most Effective

The archives aren't working, but I wrote last year about the rise and fall of our corporate library, once a source of new novels and interesting biographies.

"The library was a symbol - a chivalric nodding of the head to the liberal arts - of our inheritance from preceeding generations. I know not what rough beast, its hour come round at last, that slouches towards us with budgetary panic writ upon its face. But I am saddened that the library, which stood athwart the fortress of ignorance yelling "Stop!" is now defunct. As Shakespeare wrote: 'Sir, those cold ways that seem like prudent helps, are very poisonous.'"

So imagine my surprise when I stand outside and it proclaims its new birth. I see cheery helium balloons and two large signs saying, "Visit our newly remodeled library!". I walk in and lo and behold everything was the same - except it was reduced by half in space! I almost laughed.

"What kind of spin is this? It looks half its size!"

The librarian shrugs, smiles and says, "You're right, it is almost exactly half its size."

"So what is there to celebrate exactly?"

"I guess that we're still here."

Oh. Well, yeah that's true.

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