April 21, 2004

Corporate Comic Relief

A couple hundred of us received this seemingly non-controversial blah-blah:
From: John R.
To: Diversity Invitees
Subject: Diversity for 2004


Welcome to the continuation of our series of Diversity Round Tables, now in our third year. The first presentation for this year is on Gender. The title is "He Talks ... She Talks". Please go to our website to see the particulars, and register using MS Explorer (only). As usual, the meeting will start with lunch. If you need vegetarian, please let me know.
Which was followed up by this missive:
From: Sarah, Senior Consultant Human Resources
To: Diversity Invitees
Subject: Diversity for 2004

John, I think it would be helpful to put "Gender Differences in Communication at Work" .....instead of just Gender.
The obligatory comment is to say "I see gender differences at work already!" Russell took the bait and replied to everyone:
See, and I understood John just fine. John: I hope you are attending!

To which Sarah replied:
Let me apologize to everyone whom I offended by sending the note to John asking him to clarify the title of the Roundtable. I received a note from someone who called me ignorant and rude....and said I should not have sent the note. It was not meant to embarass John in any way!
Stand I dumbfounded, thinking, "you can't make this stuff up".

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