July 30, 2004

Honin' Down the Book List

Steven's post reminded me of a Columbus Dispatch book reviewer's column, in which he said that being a reviewer means reading many books at one time. He remarked how surprisingly easy it was to pick up something that he'd left weeks or months ago.

But Mr. Riddle's post has inspired me to try to re-group and face a reading situation that is dissolute and full of disarray.

I want to read mainly three or four types of books: Fiction which cleanses the palate of "too much journalism" and, if the author is good, provides a bit of beauty. Non-fiction historical, which is time-travel. Non-fiction spiritual such as "Father Joe" and "The Miracle Detective" which attempt to sort out grace from nature. Non-fiction prayerful books, like the marvelous "The Great Means of Salvation and Perfection" by St. Alphonsus Liguori which is a soul food beyond comprehension.

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