July 26, 2004

New Form of Blogger Comedy?

William Luse rewrites Faulkner for the sensitive types. Very funny:

...(the sisters were twins, born at the same time, but both were, unfortunately, very weight-challenged. It wasn't their fault. It's a genetic thing.They had made up their minds to enter a twelve-step program for poor people who were compelled by class injustice to subsist on diets heavy in starch. Problem was, that couldn't help her at the moment.), the sister, as I was saying (sorry about the unwieldiness - is that a word!? LOL! :~))
“He was an independent and highly articulate African-American, I tell you...

Really gives you a sense of time and place, doesn't it? Very (19)90s. I'll have to try to cook me up something similar, although I suspect Bill's already parodied the good stuff. Save something for us next time Bill! LOL! :)

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