July 22, 2004

Sea Change

From Amy this morning:
I'm telling you, this is where we are. For a long time, pro-lifers thought that getting the message out that what abortion is is killing a human being was the bulk of the job we had to do. (Besides giving material and emotional support to women in unexpected pregnancies). But I think a lot of people are beginning to see that for a hard core, this is irrelevant. They know what it is perfectly well, and they don't particularly care, and they aren't interested in any kind of moral analysis as to why it's okay to end the life of a baby in the womb but not outside. I started seeing this fifteen years ago, when I was reading a lot of pro-abortion rights feminist material. These women were not stupid. They knew what was going on in an abortion. They just felt that women's rights took precedence, period. I also started seeing it in college groups to whom I was speaking. Once I addresssed a group, along with the PR person from a local abortion facility. I took the opportunity to push her on how far they performed abortions - up to 24 weeks - and how they did it. She responded coolly, describing dilitation and extraction. A young man sitting nearby murmured "chop-chop" and there was a small swell of laughter from others. Perhaps uncomfortable, but still laughter. And not a bit of outrage in that group.
How chilling is that? The slippery slope from callousness to extreme callousness always applies. Between 1800 and 1860 slavery went from being seen as a "necessary evil", something that even the big plantation owners were sheepish about, to being defended by Calhoun and others as a positive good! The small lie becomes the big one.

One effect of horror is to galvanize. To see the starkness of inhumanity, such as that perpetrated by Stalin, can have the unintended effect of making us want to be more humane. The Crucifix can have a similar impact - I see where my sin leads.

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