July 23, 2004

The Shock of the Unexpected

The 25-mile bike ride I spoke of in an earlier post was to & from a small town, the home of the private and politically liberal Antioch College.

The quaint college town was lined with bookstores "callllin' my name" as Clarence Carter would've sung. There were four of them, all delightfully mom & pop-ish, all as left-leaning as a punch drunk.

One in particular was memorable. Inside were loads of books about female goddesses, lots of Buddhas and Eastern philosophy books, books like "The Lesbian Body", which suprised me because I didn't know they had a different one!

Bookshops like these often have three or four rooms and so I wandered into a far room that really was the study or office, but I couldn't help taking a peek before exiting. And on the walls, amid posters of winsome mermaids and such were a dozen statues and photos of Our Lady of Gaudalupe. It was a shock but perhaps edifying to see something so familiar and personal to me in a setting so politically and religiously alien.

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