July 19, 2004

There's No Business like Show Business

Longtime-readers-first-time-callers will recall the long saga of Ham of Bone, father of four children and three screenplays. We had lunch today, and I'm sure he won't mine this reportage as long as I spell his name right. (Bone, correct me if I'm wrong.)

"IT is dead to me and I am dead to IT," he began*.

I didn't know quite how to respond to this dramatic declaration, although I admired its clarity. I probably could've said something like IT might be dead to you, but it's providing a paycheck, which is nothing to sneeze at. But where's the poetry in that? How much more Wildean to say, "IT is dead to me."

Of course he is not quitting his job, but has discovered a new way of expressing his desperation: a self-financed movie. The idea is to convert his screenplay 'Cheapskate' (the main characters being Bone and myself) into a movie for as inexpensively as $10,000.

Sounds like a good idea. He has prodigious amount of energy and $10,000 is only six month's worth of savings for Bone. The one negative is he wants me to play myself, because I'll work cheaply (i.e. for free).

* - (IT stands for information technology, which is his field of expertise. I offered him a book on job burnout but he's too burned out to read it.)

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