July 21, 2004

True Words

Hernan mentions a positive of blogging: "And -last but not least- another reason: the most interesting (and very different) people who I have known this way."

Very true. You would think that the self-selection that goes on in St. Blog's, i.e. Catholic, literate, etc... would ensure more uniformity, but I'm often surprised at the diversity of personalities, styles and opinions of different bloggers. One could never, ever, confuse Tom Kreitzberg, Steven Riddle and Bill Luse to name a random three. Each is larger than life on the blogging canvas.


Went on a 25-mile bike ride with my uncle yesterday. He's a fervent Audubon Society, National Wildlife-subscribing lover of nature. He talked about how different plants and animals not native to Ohio are taking over the landscape and how species are disappearing. We're seeing an homogenizing effect in nature. We see it with race, a good thing, since intermarriage between blacks and whites will ultimately fix what we can't on our own. We see it in gender, as men become more womanly and women more manly. We see it in cities too, where Honolulu is Chicago with a Polynesian accent, and in regions, where the South has lost so much of its unique culture.

So it is reassuring to see the diversity within St. Blog's, a healthy sort of diversity indeed, though we might appear similar to outsiders.

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