July 28, 2004

Various & Sundry

Read O'Connor's short story "Revelation" last night. Riveting. Then went to "The Habit of Being" and read all the commentaries on the story in letters to friends (HOB is well indexed). Speaking of F.O., I've updated the blog thanks to a generous reader.
Excellent Amy Welborn column on the problem of evil and the differing attempts to explain it, via working papers.
Mario Cuomo's advice to St.Thomas More? "Just tell the king you're personally opposed to divorce."
Reading this, one understands why Rod Dreher gets paid to write: "About Teresa Evita Rodham Streisand Lollobrigida Lady MacKerry, my first instinct is: I like this dame. She's an exotic flower, a loose cannon, a firecracker." Too funny.
Shades of O'Connor's "she woulda been a good woman if..."? Overheard Laird Hamilton, big wave surfer on Sixty Minutes, (transcript here):
Does Hamilton understand why he needs this danger in his life?

“Probably not. I know that if I scare myself once a day, I'm a better person. And I think everybody would be. I think it's part of actually existing," says Hamilton.

"I think that we've gone so far away from that [physical fear]. A dinosaur was chasing you [in pre-historic times] and wanting to eat you. I think we need [some fear].”

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