September 02, 2004

Fr. Joe Quotes

Hendra's "Father Joe" is riveting. Excerpts:
Hendra: "Satire is one weapon the powerless have against the powerful. Or the poor against the rich. Or the young against the old."
Fr.J.: "Satire always divides people up into two groups?"
H: "I suppose that's often its dynamic, yes."
FJ: "Is that a good thing?"
H: "It's the way the world works, Father Joe. People think in teams. We're good, you're evil; we're smart, you're dumb...."
FJ: "Hmm...You see, dear - I think there are two types of people in the world. Those who divide the world up into two kinds of people...and those who don't."

FJ: "Needing attention is a powerful force in the world, isn't it?"
H: "Absolutely. Most people would think of it as a very natural need. Almost a right."
FJ: "By 'natural' you mean 'morally neutral'?
H: "Touche."
FJ: "Without God, people find it very hard to know who they are or why they exist. But if others pay attention to them, praise them, write about them, discuss them, they think they've found the answers to both questions."

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