October 17, 2004

Comedy Time

Since the national strike in Nigeria began, I've received far fewer scammer emails.

In a multi-cat household, can you tell which cat produced which hairballs just by the sole of your foot?

  ..borrowed from "I'm an Ordinary Man" from Lerner & Lowe's "My Fair Lady", who borrowed from George Bernard Shaw:


I'm an ordinary man;
Who desires nothing more
Than just the ordinary chance
To live exactly as he likes
And do precisely what he wants.
An average man am I,
Of no eccentric whim;
Who likes to live his life
Free of strife,
Doing whatever he thinks is best for him.
Just an ordinary man.

But let the Divine in your life
And your serenity is through!
He'll redecorate your soul,
From the cellar to the mole;
Then go on to the enthralling
Fun of overhauling

I'm a quiet living man
Who prefers to spend the evenings
In the silence of his room;
Who likes an atmosphere as restful
As an undiscovered tomb.
A pensive man am I
Of philosophic joys;
Who likes to meditate,
Free from humanity's mad, inhuman noise.
Just a quiet living man.

But let the Godhead in your life
And your sabbatical is through!
In a line that never ends
Come an army of his friends;
Come to jabber and to chatter
And to tell Him what the matter is with you.


I've grown accustomed to His face...
He really makes the day begin...

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