October 28, 2004

"Why Not Us?"

Touching "Win it for..." thread (via Mark S.) posted before the Red Sox win. Hard not to get choked up. Fifty-four pages (at last count), a summa of prayers, a proverbial ocean of heartsick and longing for which the Germans have the perfect word: sehnsucht. From the first couple pages:
Win it for dad who will stop hating them if they win

Win it for mom who passed away 10-23-03.

She never really cared much about the Sox, outside of the fact that she knew I was always in a better mood when they won, until last post season. She watched all the games against Oakland, even game one that ended at 2:30 am.

She called me for play by play during game 6 vs NY because her home town lost power in the late innings.

One of the last things she said to me on 10-22-03, when I was visiting her at the hospital a few days after game 7 was it's too bad they couldn't have won.
Win it for the guy Roger Angell wrote about when summing up the 1975 World Series--the guy he imagined driving his car somewhere on a lonely road in New England while listening to Game 6, who, when Pudge hits the HR, stops his car, gets out, and jumps up and down for sheer joy: Everyman.

"We're the leaders of tomorrow."
"Yeah, but it's today."
- Firesign Theatre

[Reminds me of the gospel story where the sister of Lazurus looks to a future resurrection of the dead and Jesus says, "I am the Resurrection": "it is today!"]
Win it for Grandma and Grandpa Starrett. They taught my mother and I how to truly love baseball.

Win it for Grandma Anderson who told me just before she passed that she was pretty sure they would win one sometime soon.

Win it for Grandpa Anderson with the Hope that this may briefly pierce the shroud of Alheimzer's that surrounds this noble man.

Win it for Mom and Me we have agreed to only speak briefly after each game mostly to see if we are both still alive.

Win it for my daughter who is watching the games at UCSD. She reminds me of a loney freshmen at RPI in 1978. May she met some life long friends like I did so long ago.

Win it for us all

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