February 28, 2005


Five for Roz:
1) Why "deepyogrt"?
2) You are a fan of the Detroit Tigers, a team skippered by the great Sparky Anderson for many years. Did the strike of '94 affect your support of major league baseball?
3) As a management consultent who has an MBA & reads Harvard Business Review, can you shed light on how the modern corporation can infuse a sense of mission in their employees when profit appears to be the only thing that matters? Or is that a responsibility of the employee?
4) How did you find your way back to the Catholic faith?
5) Do your children read your blog and if so does it affect what or how you blog?

Bill Luse of Apologia is understandably crestfallen at not having been asked to be interviewed. (Has the Apologia fan club weakened in support?) Fortunately I do have some questions for him:

1) How are kids different today from when you started teaching?
2) You live in Florida, your daughter went to Ole Miss. Are you really Suthern, or a relatively recent transplant?
3) You seem to have had "a past" like many of us. How did you get out of the pattern of lust?
4) What are the three most influential books (other than the bible) that you've read?
5) Is Bernadette more like her mother or more like her father?

Five for Smock:
1) Do you have a favorite bible verse that isn't instantly familiar (like John 3:16)?
2) What would you like your tombstone to say, and will it be all lowercase *grin*?
3) Why "smock", mama?
4) As a fellow Florence King fan, you appreciate her humorous view of Southern womanhood. Is Southern culture now defunct due to urbanization, migration & cable TV?
5) How did you meet your hubby?

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