April 28, 2005

Novak Is A Better Man Than Me

"Cooler heads prevailed" goes the saying, but it's easier to be cooler in victory. Thus the liberal Angstmeisters are apoplectic, allowing the perception of having lost the papacy to give them license to scream.

And while I wouldn't have got bent out of shape over a Pope Martini, I would've gotten bent out of shape over a President Kerry. So I can understand the '04 ventilation. But not the papal election. After all the whining and crying and gnashing of teeth over the '00 & '04 Presidential elections and now the papal election, I'm suffering from PTWOS (post-traumatic whining-overload syndrome). Here's hoping the liberals win something soon if only for our national mental health.

But the difference between popes and presidents should be palpable to the proletariat (okay I needed one more 'p' word for proper alliteration. Please send entries to replace proletariat to tdsorama at hotmail.com where you will possibly win pulchritudinous prizes). Anyway, the point is, one is family, the other politics. One promises the action of the Holy Spirit, the other promises the action of good political ads. I just don't understand the froth.

So just as I was ready to take poison pen to the liberal Catholic bloggers* (purely for fraternal correction purposes of course - don't try it at home) I came across this from Michael Novak, a very gracious piece that returns Andrew Sullivan's disrepect with respect, his unreason with reason. I guess that's the way it's done. Not bad for a neocon**, 'eh?

* - all three of them
** - not a smear. I love neocons. I may even be one.

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