May 29, 2005

Of Books

NR’s Nordlinger quotes someone who quotes ancient Chinese scholar Yuan Mei that sums up how I feel some days: "The moment I awake, I long for my library and bound towards it, swift as a thirsty cat."

The books on my shelves stand like a collection of future promises not unlike the gleam of whiskey bottles behind a bar. I wake with a thirst for a specific book, apropos of nothing. “Worthy is the Lamb” is something that has recently been the target of that thirst. But it could just as easily be Mark Falanga’s “The Suburban You” or Frank Deford’s bio of John McGraw & Christy Matthewson.

As with NFP, a few days away makes the heart go fonder. There's nothing better than sitting in the recliner feeding the mind after having exhausted the body with exercise.

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