August 25, 2005

Finding Miss Luse

Well I had the pleasure of meeting one Bernadette Luse today, daughter of the Professor, in somewhat less than ideal circumstances: She had a difficult round of golf, ending five over. But she was a professional and cordial despite it. We both agreed we'd wished Bill was here.

The day started with an unusual celestial event - the sun was in the eastern part of the sky. And instead of moving downward into the horizon, it slowly went up! Amazing. Can you tell I'm not a morning person?

After a long walk from the parking lot I saw a sign saying that cellphones and cameras are strictly verboten during the tournament days, e.g. Thurs-Sat. (This was a twofer as I was double-barrelled.) I turned off the cell phone and only got the camera out for very long shots, which is why the photo below looks like it was taken from the Goodyear blimp:

Bern's in a red skirt, to the right of a sign indicating their score 

It all started where golf rounds usually do - hole numero uno. I found myself in a gallery of one, so when Bern whispered something to her caddy causing him to quickly looked over his shoulder at me, I figured it was something like "there's that blogger my dad told me to watch out for." My goal was to keep a low profile and not be a distraction to her until after 18 holes.

I was amazed to find that their drives on number 1 were all within a few feet of each other. Never happens when I play, where after teeing off our group scatters to the four winds of the fairway (and surrounding highway).

She had by far the prettiest swing of her threesome, which included an Aussie named Shani Waugh and another golfer named Kate Golden. Waugh had a really interesting putting motion - she holds her left hand in a fist way up on the handle. Wierd. But effective. Golden was especially golden - when Bernadette was trying to putt on 16 someone in the grandstand was making noise and Kate looked at them and held her hands up as if to say, "shut up!".

I made eye contact with Bern after hole 3 and she gave me the sweetest smile. I looked away, guilty that I'd caused a distraction. The difference between her game face and when she smiles demonstrates an impressive mobility of expression.

After a tough round...the real Miss Luse
So the holes went by and things were mostly under control until around 16, before which she was always only 1 or 2 over. But then as the putts went errant late in the day I began to wonder what I'd say. It's kind of awkward because you can't say "nice round" and "you'll do better tomorrow" sounds condescending.

I made my own faux paus on 17 when I trudged up the hill, head down, to where they were teeing off. I finally lift my head and everyone, including the golf pros, are telling me to freeze since one of them was trying to tee off. Oops.

After the match she disappeared into a little tent for about three or four minutes and then came out and I introduced myself and told her I was her number one fan in Ohio. Pretty cheesey, I know.



Excellent weather

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