September 27, 2005


Please send your donation between your Planned Parenthood and electric bill.

- Jeff of "Curt Jester" on imagined progressive Catholic television network "PWTN"

The Fates clearly have determined that all is to be settled by the three last games of the regular season between New York and Boston at Fenway. And for the third straight fall, stress, bleary-eyed mornings and Sox-induced alcoholism await. There's no getting around it: Might as well set aside the heart pills and the IPAs.

- Mark of "Irish Elk"

Humorous to remember: When Jacques Maritain visited him, [Thomas] Merton insisted on playing Bob Dylan songs, hoping that Maritain would agree that Dylan is a genius. Maritain was frustrated that valuable time was spent on such a thing.

- Eric of "The Daily Eudemon"

“‘If you can’t pray, say your prayers!’ People often complain that they can’t pray. St. Benedict once advised any followers of his with similar problems: ‘If you can’t pray, say your prayers!’ This little prayer book will be a help for those who want to ‘say their prayers.’”

- Bishop Comiskey, Wexford, Ireland, review of "Shalom 2000" published by Requiem

I've never really cared for coconut.

- Tom of Disputations, responding to Steven Riddle's confession of never wanting to have an unpublished thought

We do know that God does deal not just with individuals but with entire nations (or city states.) The Russians for example are inclined to believe that God visited the scourge of atheistic communism on them in the 20th century for the evils which they perpetrated against the Old Believers in the 16th. Solzhenitsyn writes about this. It's a mindset which is not popular in the West today though where the individual is the supreme unit of society and societal and historical entities are downplayed.

- Fr. Ambrose on "Catholic Answers" website

As my wife noted today, the media coverage, especially the interviews of poor dopes hanging out at Graceland, shows that folks who don't have a liturgical calendar really have a deep need for one; people who have no saints to venerate will nevertheless venerate.

- Bill of "Summa Minutiae", on the "Solemnity of Elvis Presley, King"

Personally, I notice that this sample serves to remove me from Jesus' presence. No more is he speaking directly to me as he has done throughout the Gospels ("but I say to you..."). I have enough trouble getting the path clear to be in Jesus' presence already...No thanks.

- Julie of "Happy Catholic" on new "100 Minute" bible, a 57-page version

It is said that married couples through the years become more like one another. (I suspect that is mostly in the bad things so that our annoying habits do not annoy so seriously.) So, if we seek the Holy Spirit through the marriage of prayer and we keep the blessed trinity company through prayer, surely we will become more like them...It is a natural human inclination to blend in. What then could be better than to blend into the company of the blessed trinity.

- Steven Riddle of "Flos Carmeli"

Those who live lives of immediate gratification, Huxley thought, would not be able to bear solitude of any kind. As Mustapha Mond explains, “people are never alone now. We make them hate solitude; and we arrange their lives so that it’s almost impossible for them to ever have it.” A life devoted to instant gratification produces permanent infantilization: “at sixty-four . . . tastes are what they were at seventeen.” In our society, the telescoping of the generations is already happening: the knowledge, tastes, and social accomplishments of thirteen-year-olds are often the same as those of twenty-eight-year-olds.

- Theodore Dalrymple

When you take the procreation out of recreation, it's only a matter of time until you take the recreation out of procreation.

- Eric of "The Daily Eudemon", on news that women are increasingly seeking "inapparopriate IVF because they do not have the time or inclination for a sex life and want to 'diarise' their busy lives"

5 celebrity crushes:
1. Mel Gibson
2. Will Smith
3. Dennis Quaid
4. Mark Steyn (writer on National Review)
5. Thomas Howard
6. Peter Kreeft (had to add him!)
7. Bill Luse, TSO, and Steven Riddle

- MamaT of "Summa Mamas" making the geeezers in no. 7 feel good

I like the humanness of the place. I like belonging to a communion of slobs like me (a big relief when you are coming from a tradition whose emphasis on holiness takes on a sort of quasi-Darwinian quality). I like the balance. I like the breadth. I like the Dickensian love of *characters* that the Church has. The Church has a soft spot for kooks. I like the ability the Church has to love Nature without worshipping it. I love the coolness of the Blessed Sacrament sanctuary on a hot day. I love the warmth of the sanctuary on a cold night in winter. I love being able to take my sins to confession and then forget about them. I love meals in common with our friends. I love that sex is a sacrament. I love that eating is a sacrament. I loved the sound of my friend's voice the morning he made his first confession and I asked him how it went: "I feel.... clean!" he said. I love being able to pray for my Dad, who has been dead for 20 years. I love that Chaucer was Catholic. I love being able to say that the smell of salt air on Puget Sound is what the freedom of the Spirit is like, and knowing that there is a real sacramental connection there and not simply a subjective projection on the idiotic face of matter.

- Mark Shea on why he enjoys being Catholic

Unlike Groucho who quipped he would not join a club that would have him as a member, a sinner like myself only glories and rejoices in being part of the Bride of Christ - his Church. Besides where else can you go to receive something so awesome as the Body and Blood of Christ followed by something so mundane as coffee and donuts afterwards?

- Jeff Miller of "Curt Jester"

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