September 18, 2005

At Mass Today...

...the pastor emeritus gave a sermon on the homily about the parable of the workers at the vineyard who arrived late and still received the same reward. And while listening to the gospel I reflected on it in conventional terms: i.e. that God wants us not to be jealous of those who come to the Kingdom on their deathbed or that He is speaking of we Gentiles who arrived late to the party and yet receive the same reward as the Israelites who had been working in the vineyard for scores of generations before.

But Fr. Borelli presented in a different way. He said that we love justice so much that we might want to hold back God's generosity and mercy, asking him to give us less out of our human desire for justice. He told a story about a man who died and was shown to the "slums of Heaven" because it was all he asked or expected of God. He didn't expect God to give him far beyond what he deserved. He didn't believe God to be tremendously generous.

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