September 18, 2005

European Triumphalism

It's kind of nauseating the way much of the European press is using the tragedy in New Orleans for triumphalistic harrumphing. Whatever self-restraint the media, both U.S. and abroad, used to possess now seems as quaint as the codes of chivalry practiced by medieval knights. Sad. A third of Germans under the age of 30 think America ordered 9/11 attacks. Is that not scary?

From a recent Investor's Business Daily editorial:
Many among Europe's media and intellectual classes have used a horrible disaster to score cheap debating points against U.S. culture and its way of life. This strikes us not only as false and misguided, but seriously lacking in insight. After all, wasn't it just two summers ago that Europe let an estimated 40,000 people die during a heat wave - nearly 15,000 in France alone - in part because so many people couldn't be bothered to return from their August vacations on the Riviera to help [elderly people] leave their sweltering apartments?

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