September 21, 2005

Hedging Your Bet

This blog, unlike your local gas station, tries to be full-service.

And it doesn't take a braniac to realize that when China and India begin to acquire a taste for automobiles the demand for oil and gas will only increase. So do what I did - invest in an oil stock! With as little as $500 to open an account and for $7 a trade, you can buy some of Exxon Mobile and somewhat hedge against the price of gas. I've been able to make more in capital gains on my oil stock than I've paid in increased gas prices. Plus some 401k plans allow for buying mutual funds that concentrate on a particular industry, such as energy.

While investing isn't within every family's means, and while the timing, after the huge run-up, might not be great, it is something to think about. If you can't beat Big Oil, join 'em! Besides, oil companies have a smaller profit margin (7%) than a consumer product giant like Proctor and Gamble. Can we really expect oil companies to take the risk of exploration without fulling reaping the reward?

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