September 19, 2005

How to Live With Sucky Knowledge*

Karen Hall's passionate post titled, "What do you write about while you're waiting to be blown up?" resonated strongly with me. Not because I fear an act of terrorism (though that would presumably change if I lived in Basra or Jerusalem), but because I fear getting "blown up" spiritually. And so, how to live with that knowledge? That is the dilemma.

Knowing I'm not alone helps. St. Alphonsus writes, "Develop a great longing to leave this land of exile, this place full of sin and fraught with danger of losing His divine grace: a great longing to come to that land of love where you will love Him with all your strength. Often say to Him: 'As long as I live on this earth, I always run the risk of wandering away from You and of losing Your love. When shall I begin to love You with all my soul and be united to You without fear of losing You any more?' Such was the continual desire of St. Teresa of Avila, to whom the sound of the clock gave fresh joy at the thought that another hour had been struck off her life and the danger of losing God."

* - answer at bottom.


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