September 20, 2005

I was so inspired... that blog map that Jeff Miller posted that I wanted to do something similar. The problem is that I have no map drawing skills or software. But I didn't let that get in the way. Hope you enjoy it because otherwise I'm going to have a hard time giving God an account for this time waster. I think I got everybody who blogrolls me on there, which is a way of thanking y'all for that privilege. I considered Mark, Amy, Jeff Miller and Tom Kreitzberg to be popular enough bloggers to have had continents named for them, although Relapsed Catholic and others were obviously similarly deserving. Please tack on Heterodox-Sea, Orthodox-Sea, Veritas Bay, and Straits of Beauty where applicable.

  Click here for enlargement

UPDATE: (or "now it can be told") -- Turns out the creator of this map is Oengus Moonbones of Lunar Skeletons. Check out his posts on charismatic Christianity (to the extent that's not redundant).

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