September 23, 2005

My Kind o' Humor

The highest praise I can give is applicable: I wish I'd have written it. At least the answer to the first question below, which I think is comedic genius. FAQ from The Daily Eudemon, whose blog has received high praise from Mike Aquilina, author of The Fathers of the Church and EWTN talk show host:
You refer to drinking a lot. How much do you drink?
I wish I had a beer for every beer I’ve drank.

Sounds like a lot. Is that a good example for your children?
Yes. I rarely, if ever, drink to the point of losing my ability to reason, which, one priest assures me, is where drinking crosses the threshold of sin. It’s tough, of course. In the shadow lands leading to sin one walks in the slippery frontier of fun, but that’s no reason to abstain.

Do you drink while you write?
No, but I write while I drink.

Does it affect your writing?
Yes. That’s why I think the blog is worth reading.

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