September 20, 2005

One of the many things...

...that impresses me about Jesus and Mary is how they had patience with the "old way of doing things" even as the new was becoming present. For example, the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple seems almost redundant, a presenting of God to God. Whatever Mary's state of awareness concerning her son, she honored what had gone before and didn't eschew the natural (the Presentation) after her experience of the supernatural (the Annunciation).

Similarly, Jesus was baptized by John with mere water. That the Holy Spirit visited was not of John's doing, and Jesus was content before the manifestation of the Spirit, going through the motions, for our sake, of a baptism of water alone that He didn't need. The utter lack of rivalry is also inspiring. His cousin's fame was greater, and though Jesus knew Himself to be much greater He still asked for the baptism of his cousin.

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