September 28, 2005

Questions I Would Ask Judicial Nominees

Years ago I was quite a fan of Newseek but now feel quite alienated from it. One article that ought draw my interest, the Roberts nomination, does not. I can guess what happened at the hearings: blowhard senators blew, hard.

Roberts seems like a good and decent person. Hopefully he’ll stand up to the tsunami winds of the gas-baggers of the D.C. dinner party set for never underestimate the gravitational pull of peer pressure. These are the sort of questions the conservative senators should've asked him:
"Will you, Judge, be able to withstand dinner invitations from Ben Bradley and Sally Quinn? Rupert Murdoch? And if the Kennedys invite you for a weekend to Hyannis Port? Skiing in Aspen? Will you be able to attend without letting it go to your head or wanting to fit in with eastern elites?

Will you be able to survive the scorn of bad press, the potshots of important people, the labeling of 'Neanderthal' or worse? Most of all, are you an adult, with formed opinions and the courage of your convictions, such that you will not evolve in office in order to placate the aforementioned?
Sorry if I sound condescending but I'm still reeling from Blackmun and Souter.

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