September 30, 2005

So, How Can a Christian Vote for Hillary Clinton?

I was taken aback that she voted against Roberts yesterday. Apparently her move to the center is only with regard to war (pro) and immigration (anti). And so I'm trying to figure out how she appeals to any Christian.

Issues Associated w the Christian Right:
  • pro-life
  • contra gay marriage
  • respect for Judea-Christian roots; i.e. no state religion, not separation of Church and state

    Issues Associated w the Christian Left:
  • government help/solutions to poverty
  • pacifism, anti-war
  • liberal immigration policy

    This means that Clinton is a perfect 0h for Six on the pet issues of all Christians. Only the "anti-poverty" is debatable, although during her husband's administration the welfare program was pretty much gutted, which the Christian left certainly couldn't have been enthusiastic about. What am I missing? What the heck does the Christian left see in her?


    In other news...

    Whooo Hooo! Yippee! We flunked!
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