September 19, 2005

State of the Blog -- September 2005

Well, the engagement surveys went out and the results are so-so. Hits up slightly, profits steady as she goes, and self-indulgent posts on the decline.

Yet this blog aspires to be far more customer-focused than in the past. I want to begin to respond to readers' needs, instead of always addressing my own. I've gotten good feedback from both Julie and Jeff concerning this post, and so blame them, er, I mean to say, I promise more frivolous posts. After all, every newspaper has a comic section!

A New Quiz Is Going Around:

Your Element is Guinness

Your power colors: black and tan

Your energy: pint-sized

Your season: Oktoberfest

Like a Guinness, you are always wanted and full-bodied.

You have good taste, especially in quizzes.

Thanks to Steven of Flos Carmeli for the link.

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