September 27, 2005

Walking Around a Modest Surburban Home

Tis a joy to walk around the house on a fall night and remember and admire her features. There’s the soft blackness of the asphalt driveway, newly-sealed, lit from the sides by the landscape lights. There are the thriving trees I so assiduously planted in hopes of gaining an epidermis, my skin raw from overexposure since it faces the three side windows of the gape-jawed neighbors’ house.

There’s the off-white of the garage interior, which was the first thing I painted back in November of ’98, scrubbing and painting as if removing Original Sin. I had a way to go to make the house feel like ours but I was determined to gain yardage early.

Our shining achievement is the exterior, having chosen the perfect color and thereby covering the awful '70s-ish Brady Bunch-ish look of the old. The house looks grand under the moon & porch lights, like an old whaling ship fresh-painted.

Other features: There’s the fetching serpentine paver stone patch to the front porch, New Englandish in her red-brick'd hue. There’s the hammock lounging between the poplars, which always reminds me of Kenny Chesey’s songs of the Carribbean. And there’s the large, thick pines along both sides, small six-footers when planted and now ravenous beauties twice that size.

The kitchen is finally ready for a makeover, the last holdout of obviously bad taste, festooned with painfully out-of-date cabinents. Instead of waiting thirty years for them to get back in style we've decided to go the replacement route, including the white countertop with a shiny gem-like granite one. For years I’d pitched the idea that by keeping the kitchen and the counters clean we could make the kitchen look 50% better and spend thousands less, but I eventually gave up on that due to lack of interest. I figured it’s better to have a cluttered kitchen with oak cabinents and granite countertops than a cluttered kitchen with '70s cabinents and white countertops. White shows dirt you know.

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