November 22, 2005


Well I have a lot of blog ideas, the only problem being they aren't all that edifying. But as John Denver sang: "Some days are diamonds, some days are stones". (Can you believe he he had the cahoonies to release that lyric as a single? I'm in awe of the man.)

Anyway, I'll lump all of these in one post for reasons that are obvious. First off, many men have the problem of lust. Well, instead of imagining women with their clothes off, go one step further. That should take away lust. (I did warn you about this post didn't I?)

Driving around the city I saw "I'm a proud parent of an honor roll student" bumper sticker and I thought of a few less likely stickers:
"I'm the proud parent of an honor roll student at a declining public school!"

"I'm the proud parent of a Pig Latinist!"

"I'm the proud parent of a honor roll student taking advantage of grade inflation."

"My son always dresses for gym class"
Where's that rimshot? Oh yeah.

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