December 19, 2005

Corporation Observations

It's part of our shared creatureliness that everybody at Modern Corp Inc. would love to have a window in their cube or office. It's funny how regardless of nationality or religion or politics or gender, the one universal is we'd all like to have window. We all like natural light. (Though not necessarily this Natural Light.)

Speaking of beers, I think I insulted the cafeteria cashier. Every Friday they offer beer-battered cod and I would ask for the fish with the beer on the side. Over time it's morphed to just asking for "beer". One day they suggested "Old Milwaukee's Best" so I began asking for that, though last week I asked for "Old Mil-yuck-ee's Best". A slip o' the tongue. The guy wasn't happy. I'm not a beer snob, I don't think, it was just something we used to call it back in college. This post is making me thirsty.

Line overheard at work last week: "Well, I've beat that one with a dead horse".

Cringe. That's so not the line.

In the annals of history, this might have never occurred before: at a White Elephant swap, someone actually stole a Chia Pet.

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