December 02, 2005

Easy Targets

Happened across a non-believer's blog who was making fun of the Church regarding Limbo. They found it funny that this "doctrine" (it never rose above theological speculation) is being dropped. But isn't it odd that we rarely hear people making fun of the field of medicine because doctors once thought applying leeches was efficacious? Whatever you think of the concept of Limbo, it seemed a good faith effort on the part of theologians to grapple with Christ's words that Baptism was essential for salvation.

Theology is a science that is often held to a higher standard than science itself - which is humorous. For example, Max Planck said that important scientific innovations come about not by gradually winning over and converting its opponents, but by its opponents gradually dying out. In other words, not even scientists are convinced by demonstration.

Of course, there's nothing easier than we hip moderns taking cheap shots at dead truth-seekers, be they theologians or scientists. It's what we do best! Nor should Christians be surprised for being mocked for their beliefs; Jesus himself was. St. Paul was made fun of for the doctrine of the Resurrection. What is difficult is to immediately think to pray for that person rather than to criticize. (Yes, I criticized, thereby flouting Bishop Sheen's admonition about arguments. I prayed later.)

Update: Just after writing this I got a sense of deja vu reading Alicia today, who wrote: "I also ruminated a bit on the first chapter to a book I am currently reading about the great influenza pandemic. This book has a mindset that equates scholasticism (which I read as the philosophical underpinnings of Catholicism and/or St. Thomas Aquinas) with being an ignorant idiot."

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