December 18, 2005

Seasonal Thoughts
A Woman for All Seasons

"Why me?" never escaped her lips
not with Gabriel's gladsome tidings
nor Simeon's grim prophecy.

Love Waits

Eve grasped the forbidden fruit;
the new Eve patiently received it.*

Nature Rules the Hoop

The net hangs morose in mid-December
mutely 'minding of mid-summer
when I was shirtless and barefoot
dancing on the hot black asphalt
to the swish of net till retreat to shade.

Now the snow makes the swishes
and the asphalt burns
but holds no sun and affords no retreat.
* - In the Old Testament, to touch the Holy of Holies (except the High Priest) meant death. In the New, it's the opposite with Mary's fiat as the bridge.

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