February 24, 2006

Malcolm Gladwell Has A Blog...   and a few old parodies re-posted

It's kind of odd that someone as young and hip and (presumably) computer-literate as Gladwell just began blogging. You'd think he'd have done so before now if only for the purpose of plugging his books.

This prompted a reverie - what if that ol' warhorse John Updike started a blog? Unthinkable yes. Though he's certainly prolific enough. Which reminded me of parodies of writers doing blogs. First Updike's blog:
Sept. 22, 2005: I held this morning's NY Times with a gathering anger, the serrate-edged white pages garlanded with those ads of models, all svelte with their ring-appointed mid-drifts, slices of skin endlessly beguiling and faithful to the long evolutionary line of tricks women have used to overcome a man's fear of rejection, a display meant to marry pistil and stamen. Amid the skin and sex and perfume my attention had ratcheted, quite perversely, upon a news item concerning a farm subsidy bill. This, I decided, would make a fine blog post, as the career politicians in Washington have again proven...
It's less unthinkable with Bill Buckley, whose sailing book Atlantic High is sort of bloggish.
Many "blogs" display a disdain for civil discourse and, to the extent they say anything at all, say it rather coarsely. This ensilage of words in great quantities not only reflects the current zeitgeist but promotes imprecisions such as the use of the word 'blue' when 'cerulean' is obviously meant. I intend to ensile my thoughts here as the spirit moves...
Posted by WFB 10:32am May 4

Professor Galbraith upbraided me yesterday for my suggestion that our sojourns to Geneva be shortened to six weeks. He chided thusly: 'Oh it's to be Denmark on Tuesday, Belgium on Wednesday, eh?'"
Posted by WFB 2:35pm May 6

Rich and the kids seem to be doing well at NRO. Rich informs me that he and Mr. Dreher have to shave now and no longer get carded regularly when purchasing alcohol. Jonah, like the Beatles, appears to be in his 'dark phase', probably due to his recent marriage to Yoko. I've been told that even serious people are compulsively reading 'The Corner'. Would it be uncharitable to suggest that they could find a better use for their time?
Posted by WFB 6:28pm May 5

Went on a Fox News show called "Hannity and Colmes" to promote the new book. Pat (Mrs. Buckley) suggested afterwards that my oratorical metabolism, uncompensated by gesticular flourishes, seemed phlegmatic compared to masters Hannity and Colmes. She recommended an aperitif in the Green Room before the next Hardball.
Posted by WFB 6:35pm July 20

Spent the morning at the NR office followed by lunch at an Indian food restaurant called "Curry in a Hurry" at Lowry's suggestion. Some have questioned handing over the NR reins to someone so young but they forget I started National Review at a younger age. Lowry's choice in restaurants does give me pause though...
Posted by WFB 11:15am July 12

Received a call from Don King, the fight promoter, regarding a possible allumette-vers le haut between myself and Gore Vidal. I replied in the negative of course.
Posted by WFB 3:01pm July 11

The thought of Catholic politicians who openly controvert Church teaching receiving at the communion rail is reminiscent of the bride who, expert in matters carnal and caught in flagrante delicto with the postman, still chooses the most achromatic white in wedding apparel.
Posted by WFB 2:12pm July 9
The late Shelby Foote:
My publisher suggested I start this "blog", an odd-sounding word and something surely intended only for Yankees and narcissists. Random House said I could increase book sales and interest in the Civil War. I don't know about that but I do wonder what my friend WP would say about this phenomenon.
Posted by Foote 4:01am March 1

I see much time has elapsed since my last post. I was re-reading Proust, as you ought be doing instead of reading this blog. To paraphrase the words of the son of Revolutionary War hero "Light Horse" Harry Lee, "It is well my blog is so terrible -- lest you should grow too fond of it."
Posted by Foote 7:21pm July 16

Bill Clinton:
The seeds of this "Hillary for 2008" blog were sewn during the last days of my Administration, during which America had the largest economic boom since the 1950s with poverty rates falling dramatically due to my job creation efforts. In fact, you may not know this, but you all would have free health care right now except for a Republican Congress that forced me to perjure myself and spend time pondering the definition of "is" when I could've been pondering how to make your life better...but I digress. I plan on being honest in this blog, just as I was honest with the American people during my time in office - a time that was cruelly truncated due to a (right-wing conspiracy?) Constitional Amendment that limits presidents to just two terms.

I will honestly say that I have in the past embarrassed my wife Hillary and that I owe her. I owe her big time. And so this blog is my small way of supporting her, of letting you in on how smart and honest and hard-working she is, like the time I was sitting in the Oval Office, working on a solution to global warming, when... Well, we'll get to that next post. Let me give you my solution to global warming. First...
Posted by Top Dog 3:08pm Feb 24

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