March 27, 2006

Various & Sundry

March came in like a lion, stayed like a lion, and seems to have every intention of leaving one.

I taped "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" last night in order to see what I was influenced by before I knew that television was influencing.

Sad commentary, but an agnostic liberal professor out-Catholic'd me. In our weekly debate he said that Pope John Paul II championed Pope Pius IX's canonization cause. I had no idea Pope Pius IX was being considered for canonization and said that he probably meant Pius XII. But he's right and I should have my Catholic blogger's license revoked or something. Anyway, I wanted to post this about Pius IX's sense of humor.

From the I's-so-confuzed Dep't: It seemed that when Catholic priests were the sex offenders, everyone agreed you can't change their stripes - i.e. treatment doesn't work. Well, now that Bill O'Reilly has mounted a crusade against a local judge who put a sex offender on parole, the Columbus Dispatch suddenly lets us in on a little secret: that pedophiles are treatable. "Recidivism rates for sex offenders are lower than for the general criminal population." (Center for Sex Offender Management in the Dept Of Justice). Sigh. Whatever the truth, it sometimes seems almost impossible to get good information these days.

Lest this post be too negative I'll share what a friend sent me. He goes to every service that our Byzantine Catholic Church offers (i.e. vespers, holy days that aren't obligatory, etc...) and emails a paraphrase of the sermon to those of us not in attendence:
"No matter how dark or how bad it is or seems, we have to have faith...we have to have faith! The rejoicing always has to be there. Jesus came to love the world, not condemn it. We have to be in the rejoicing spirit.

He then told of a funeral where he was the priest...when it came time to close the casket, people were wailing and climbing on top it. The cantor said to Father...they forget to rejoice. (what a story!)

It's the middle of Lent, we recognize our sins...however it is the Annunciation and we to rejoice! To rejoice or not rejoice is the difference between a Christian and an unbeliever. Many Christians find no rejoice. We have been commanded by an Angel...we must take it seriously.

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