April 28, 2006

Mark of CowPi emails...

I believe this is a big misconception about undocumented persons and their drain on social services. Many people use this as a reason but do not back it up with numbers and documentation. According to the local priest who works with many Mexican-American families here in central Oklahoma, the undocumented person does not and cannot get a social security number. Without a social security number, they cannot receive *any* government support like public health care. They also cannot pay taxes...The immigration problem is not just with illegal immigrants coming into the country. The whole immigration system itself is unjust and unbalanced in the fact that it makes it difficult and nearly impossible for the people who are trying to do things legally to do so, and it keeps those people as a disadvantage and suppressed sector of the population.
My frugal friend Ham o' Bone, in his pre-marital days, eschewed health insurance by making the "Health Care of Last Resort" - i.e. emergency room care - his health care. It is odd that today's immigrants have to jump through so many hurdles. Can't we greatly expand legal immigration and make it less bureaucratic?

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