May 21, 2006

Amy Welborn's Mailbag...

...contained the plurperfect all-cylinders ignorance we've come to expect of followers of Dan Brown. The first line says it all:
I am curious as to why a woman would have such misogynist attitudes toward women and marriage. I speak of you.
It always strikes me as odd that many of the same people who tell us to be color and gender blind are actually the most color and gender conscious. That infects us all because we begin to look at people only as members of a group rather than individuals because they see themselves only as members of a group and not individuals. Group identity takes precedence over everything, including the search for the truth. The assumption of Amy's correspondent is: "you can't be against a book that is positive towards your sex" which, ironically, gives Amy no credit for preferring the truth to falsehood, as if her sex would be better served if she were ignorant.

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