June 21, 2006

Beatin' a Dead Horse...

...but manishevitz, what a soap opera. And the 'Piskie bloggers, not unexpectedly, are articulate and witty and full of gallows humor. I'll miss 'em when they're gone. Ruth Geldhill writes from England:
So there will be a desperate, last-minute attempt in the US today to get something past the bishops and deputies that allows Bishop Schori to take her seat on the world Anglican state. Thus, in an extraordinary way, the election of a woman might have actually saved the Anglican Communion from schism. Had it been a man, they might not have cared so much. They really, really want to see Bishop Katharine up there, alongside the Archbishop of Canterbury. And actually, I have to admit, so do I. The thought of real schism happening now is utterly heartbreaking.
Funny if it wasn't also sad. One deputy, a female pastor in New Jersey, wrote that she was ashamed that while there were starving people in the world they were wasting time on resolutions about gay bishops. But if sexuality is minutiae, gender isn't. She writes breathlessly:
The Episcopal Women's Caucus and Integrity held a party last night in honor of Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori, our new Presiding Bishop and Primate. The EWC had buttons made in pink which declare: "It's a girl!"...I woke up yesterday morning, the first day of life in the Anglican Communion with a Primate who is a woman, and noted that the sky had not fallen. Neither had the world changed the rotation of its axis nor was the sun hidden by cloud or eclipse. I do confess that my next thought was this: The Primate of The Episcopal Church is probably just waking up and was, no doubt, beginning to get dressed.

And, she's putting on her bra.

It's a brave new world.
It sounds almost fetishistic. Almost a "divine feminine", a cult of raising up of woman to the divine (and that the author quoted above is a lesbian isn't surprising. Men have been doing the same for years.). Another conventioneer posts a sermon from that new Presiding (bra-wearing) Bishop Elect:
Our mother Jesus gives birth to a new creation and we are his children. We are going to have to give up fear.
Our mother Jesus? There's a new one on me. I knew Geldhill would have a field day with that.

The female pastor from New Jersey is hoping for schism. She complains of Canterbury and certainly gets to the heart of the issue:
Ahem . . . . Can you say, ‘magisterium’? It is becoming reality – The Episcopal Church is becoming more and more dominated by the same ‘foreign rule’ that provided the impulse for the first Reformation. Except, of course, that the purple sacristy slipper is on the other foot, as it were. Now it is England that is the “foreign rule” to America, instead of the Britons objecting to Roman rule.
Update: "The Pontificator" comments about "Mother Jesus" on another blog: "I do not see anything objectionable to metaphorically describing Jesus as our mother. It is precisely the fact that the masculine pronoun is retained that makes this kind of metaphorical usage permissible (see Julian of Norwich)."

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