July 16, 2006


This will be of limited interest, but I'm always attempting to discern the correct (if idiosyncratic) ratio of beers between the three major "beer food groups": dark beers, pilsners and Guinness.

Regarding pilsners, I drank Busch Light when I 'wore a younger man's clothes' (and had a younger man's salary) and it's fine as far as pilsners go. To tell the truth, I can't tell much of a difference between them, although Miller has a distinctive taste. I see pilsners as good thirst quenchers, good "after-beer" beers, and good for variety. As we shall see, the need for thirst-quenching, after-beer beers and variety is very limited.

Right now for me the correct ratio of the three beer groups is approximately 6-4-1, dark beers-Guinness-pilsner. I know this is heresy given my Irish heritage, but I do have some German in me. (In fact, only a German would categorize beers and then tally them into ratios. The true Irishman would drink up all the Guinness and Jameson and then write weepy poems commemorating their demise.) My favorite darks are: St. Pauli Girl Dark, Heineken Dark and Beck's Dark. The correct ratio of these dark beers is approximately 4-1-3 respectively. If I have on hand a six of Beck's Dark or St. Pauli Girl and a 4 of Guinness, I'm happy.

Guinness, of course, is a mainstay and actually a good complement to the darks. It's lighter in flavor and easier going down. The pilsners are mostly "break in case of emergency" beers, and necessary to have around when non-dark beer drinkers visit. They taste good after you've had too much dark beer the day or two before. And sometimes I'll have one just for variety's sake, though a little variety goes a long way. (Gosh I sound like a beer snob.)

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