July 25, 2006

Central Ohio Photoblog

Stunned by the beauty of this photoblog of a city in Zaire, Africa, I went out and visited the suburbs of Columbus to bring you, yes, a photoblog of Central Ohio suburbia!

Why should Europeans and Africans have all the fun? (Click on photos for enlargement purposes.)

Because bad art is government's job one.

Cwazy, wacky looking restaurant! We're so Soho.

You can have your Louvre, we have the Early Television Museum!

I think this is a Masonic temple. Give you the creeps too?

Nothing says class quite like artificial yard deer

Our local bookstore lady. Can you tell she's a Brit?

Because nothing says ignorance like a Che Guevara flag.

And nothing quite says "church" like a sign warning trespassers that they'll be prosecuted to within an inch of their lives.

Wicked witch hat or outdoor art? I depict, you decide.

The Alamo: It ain't just in Texas

One stop shopping & bill paying.

Here I'm trying to figure out where Sancta Sanctis lives.

Good advice

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