December 13, 2006

Blog Coach Tells Team to 'Blog One for the Gipper'

<- Coach McNally with oddly clad blogger

MADISON, WI--Personal blogging trainer/coach John McNally gathered his proteges and urged them to "blog one for the Gipper".

"I want to see you tackle those arguments, blast through that porous MSM line, go to your adverbs when your main verbs are covered. Remember the fundamentals, men! Noun, verb, noun! Don't get fancy out there.

"Think about how all those readers up in the stands are cheering for you and would like to be you right now. Well, they're all bloggers too, but you get the idea. Attention to detail! Use that ABC up there, that spell checker. The ref might still blow a whistle but one of the keys to victory is limiting penalties. I want to start the half with a XYZ-Carmeli slant pass to Riddle with an option 30WideDomni to Kreitz. And I want to see more pet posts this half! Don't leave Max as a 'saved draft'.

"So blog, men! Blog for the shut-ins. Blog for the neighbor who is too busy to blog. Blog for those who through no fault of their own lack opinions or the ability to air them!"

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