March 27, 2007


I'm pleased and gratified that I can't get away with nuthin' on the ol' blog. It proves readers are still reading even after 6,423 posts or whatever it is now. I've only repeated myself in about 1,000 of those posts, which ain't too bad.

Yesterday I tried to sneak in a quote from Henri Nouwen. Since I'm suspicious of any man who spells his name the French way, I buried it under a couple other posts. But I've gotten two emails on it already which obviously makes it a VCP ("very controversial post") since they say for every letter you get there are ten people who would've except they figured others would write. So that's twenty emails. Ten in favor of quoting Nouwen, ten against.

Gregg the Obscure came out of obscuirty to write, quite humorously, that he was scandalized by my quote. His email is suitable for framing or STG ("Spanning the Globe"), whichever comes first. Steven Riddle sent me a "TSK, TSK" headline and then welcomed me to the land of Liberalism, even going so far to thank me for my impending support for Hillary.

An attaboy from Steven might well be cause for concern. (I kid.) I'm beginning to feel like George Herbert Walker Bush in need of a Margaret Thatcher to stop me from going wobbly. Elena? Will I be dancing with cats soon?

But seriously, I had no idea Nouwen was considered that liberal. He's no Sister Christer or Richard McBrien.

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