March 18, 2007

A post-Lent Post for SR

The pastor at our Byzantine church said that all Lents are different. He says that all Christmas's are the same, all Pascha's the same, all Easter's the same, etc.. But every Lent there's a unique character prompting some change in him or something God teaches him, etc... No wonder they call this a season of grace.

I've heard of post-project depression, post-book depressions, and the granddaddy, post-partum depression. Do you or a loved one suffer from post-Lenten depression? Here's an imaginary study done at the University of Miscellaneous Studies:
BALTIMORE, MD--Post-lenten depression can happen anytime within the first eight weeks after Easter. A person may have a number of symptoms such as sadness, lack of energy, trouble concentrating, anxiety, and spiritual hypochondriasis. Post-lenten depression can be treated by "hair of the dog", i.e. prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

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