March 31, 2007

The Sacraments

Killjoys one and all
be rationalists and others,
who see God’s gifts to man
and hide beneath the covers.

That long past Passover
is not their type of mission,
for blood o’er the lintel
is merely superstition!

Why should the Jews be saved
through seeming human action,
what merit in lamb’s blood
paint by a tribal faction?

The sacraments denied
then creation was mistaken,
our happiness decried
if God’s Word is thus forsaken.

Why must an act of love –
wheat into God transfigured
be seen as “knock on wood”
as if just bread had lingered?

What scandal must arise
when reading of the one,
who touched His hem of garment
and by relic she was won.

I don’t know why it’s said
that grace comes but invisible
when clearly we are made
by God of something visible.

Many do complain
He forgives us far too quickly
as if our sins erased
suggests that God is sickly.

Some Catholics do suppose
that the sacraments are nice
just don’t treat them like a virtue
or they’ll soon become a vice.

I prefer to hear Pope Pius
a saint and to us leaven
who said Holy Communion
is the shortest way to Heaven.

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